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929 Kelly Curve was  founded in 2020 by Joi' Terry. As a plus-size woman, she loves to feel sexy in her own skin and will get dolled up to paint the town or she remains home, wearing lingerie to tap into her inner sexy. 

On September 29th, (929) the birthday anniversary of Joi's brother who transitioned eight years ago into her guardian angel, she decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship and dreamed up a lingerie line that would make women like her feel as equally sexy. Her goal is to cater to women that look like her.


In order to cope through the grieving process, it was her mission to dream it, launch it, and scale it to celebrate her brother's life. With the combination of her aspirations to be a lingerie boutique and celebrating her brother's life each year, 929 Kelly Curve was cultivated and manifested.  

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