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Guidelines & Regulations

Consent (noun)

permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.

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  1. 1. 929 Kelly Curve has a zero-tolerance policy against guests bringing drugs or attending for prostitution.

  2. 2. You must be 21 or older to purchase tickets and enter Kelly's Dreamland.

  3. 3. Government-issued ID and the card used to purchase tickets must match and will be checked upon entry.

  4. 4. Consent is necessary to join in or partake in adult play.

  5. 5. Respect yourself and those around you at all times.

  6. 6. Armed security will remove those found incoherent and criminally trespassed

  7. 7. Our guests are required to dress down at 12 am and be in a robe or towel before entering upstairs; lingerie is also permissible and available for purchase. Lockers are available for use.


  9. 8. Doors shut and lock until the shut-in is complete. No entry or exit will be allowed during this time, with no exceptions.


  11. 9. No recording is authorized during performance play or upstairs in the open play space.

      10. Bathrooms are off-limits for adult play; security monitors this. 


When entering or returning to our lifestyle events, there is Dreamland etiquette you should maintain. These general regulations will ensure a consenting, safe, and memorable experience.

  • Be on time for the show; you don't want to miss our opening act; they're sure to leave jaws open. 

  • You won't be seated until everyone in your ticket party arrives; come together.

  • Rejection happens; make your experience easier with our playmate match option.

  • “No absolutely means no!” regardless of when it's said, no means no!

  • Discuss safe words with your playmate before playing.

  • PYP (Protect your privates), check our sanitation stations in play areas for items needed. 

  • Tipping our performers is a must, bring your own ones.

  • Tip your Dream Doll waitress; they are hard-working beauties.

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Introducing vanilla people into the world of kink!
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